Welcome to The Hallow, 

A minecraft server that prizes itself for its diversity. We have from theThe Pole to the magical land of the Nilfungar. You can enjoy your experience on this server through the magics of Heroes, power of faction or being an outcast in a deadly world that no dares to visit. The choice is yours if you remain human, vampyr or werewolf. If you join a faction or live alone, the choice is yours! You might also just want to quest or run a shop in the capital... or even rule over a city by owning the castle! It is all up to you!

With Buycraft we hope to enhance your experience with us through
your supportful donations

Where does my money go?

The Hallow relies on donations to fund expensive server costs to continue bringing a stable envirioment for our users to enjoy each and every day. All money received goes towards improving server infrastructure, supporting the mods we use and to keep The Hallow alive.

If you have a question / problem with the store or a purchase!

If you have any questions/concerns or problems with a purchase, please email us at spooky.casper@live.com with a clear title and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

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